Food & Beverage


Economic uncertainty has demonstrated there has never been a more critical time to ensure that contractual protections are in place with any commercial arrangements.


A properly drafted commercial contract provides solid foundations to build strong business relationships with customers and suppliers which can provide you with the flexibility to exploit opportunities whilst acting as a safeguard for your interests.

We take a holistic approach to our advice, building our expert industry knowledge around your commercial drivers to deliver pragmatic and cost-efficient outputs. We provide dedicated support to customers and suppliers at all levels of the food and beverage supply chain. Our advice is informed and commercial, highlighting and resolving potential issues at the earliest opportunity. This allows you to focus on building lasting relationships with your customers and suppliers.

Eversheds’ global reach enables us to provide seamless service through a single point of contact. We regularly advise on cross border issues drawing on our network of local expertise in the law, customs and industry guidance relevant to the food and beverage sector.


Key contact

Tom Bridgford, Partner
m: +44 776 651 1501