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Reputation management

In business, reputation is everything and is often an organisation’s most valuable asset. A positive reputation in a brand or product takes many years of investment to build, but it can be destroyed in an instant.


Companies in the food and beverage sector can be particularly vulnerable to reputational damage through industry-specific issues such as product recalls and allegations concerning food safety and hygiene.

Digital media and the exponential growth of social media have increased the variety of ways in which reputation and privacy can be attacked – often repeatedly, anonymously and from various sources. Once a bad story breaks it can spread rapidly via social media and rolling news channels, perhaps turning a minor local issue into a major global risk.

Eversheds has a consistent track record of helping our food and beverage clients to prevent privacy breaches, the leaking of confidential information or damaging coverage.

Our specialists intervene quickly and decisively to ensure that your reputation does not suffer.

Eversheds’ leading reputation management team works to control your portrayal in the media and help protect the privacy of individuals. We achieve this through a real understanding of the issues arising in the food and beverage sector accompanied by proven expertise in defamation, confidential information and the rapidly changing area of privacy law, and advertising law and regulation.


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