Artificial intelligence and robotics

Competition in the retail sphere is fierce and more brands are looking to use artificial intelligence and robotics to draw in consumers and drive up sales. It has potential in areas such as e-commerce, marketing and pricing.


Businesses that ignore this rising trend are likely to find themselves struggling in the ever competitive race to become innovative. Many retailers already use or are beginning to adopt artificial intelligence and use of robots to better understand, connect with, and create superior experiences for consumers. The law is yet to catch up with the technology; across continents, the law is unclear and differing and is likely to evolve. 2017 is the year many countries are seeking to generate legislation which will give at least some framework in these areas. There are not yet regulations which specifically address artificial intelligence/robots in the UK, but consumer laws (where artificial intelligence/robots are for use by customers), intellectual property laws, data protection laws as well as common laws/current legislation dealing with liability (acts and omissions) are relevant and current laws must be respected. Eversheds Sutherland’s team of lawyers have a deep and wide-ranging understanding of the current laws which potentially govern artificial intelligence and robots. We provide commercial advice in the context of your key drivers and imperatives, supporting your navigation through an ever-changing and dynamic area of law.


Key contact

Charlotte Walker-Osborn, Partner