Data protection

Data assets are becoming ever more critical to the competitive advantage of retailers. We work with a wide range of retailers to help them maximise data value. We protect clients against enforcement action from the increasingly visible regulators and ensure compliance with relevant legislation.


We advise clients on procedures, mechanisms and policies for collecting personal data from staff, customers, target customers and vendors; the use of data for marketing purposes including behavioural advertising, e-mail marketing and social network interaction; and collecting and using data in a single or multi-channel environment including stores, e-commerce, m-commerce, TV shopping and other media.

We also have experience advising retailers on cross border data transfer agreements and international customer and staff policies and notices; data maximisation exercises including advising on commercial partner arrangements such as white label websites and affinity arrangements; structuring and delivering compliance projects from “soup to nuts” nationally and internationally; responding to data security breaches and advising on investigations by and submissions to data protection authorities; and compilation and analysis of “big data” in a data protection compliant manner.


Key contact

Paula Barrett, Partner
m: +44 777 575 7958