Join our Food and Beverage Brexit breakfast

25 April 2016

Join our brexit breakfast 2

As the EU Referendum fast approaches the Food and Beverage sector plunges into further uncertainty. With potential changes to trade tariffs, limitations to the availability of labour and uncertainty over compliance and regulatory law, the impacts of a Brexit will be significant for businesses in this sector.

Our Brexit breakfast briefing aims to address how these issues will impact your business, exploring the legal consequences for this sector in the event of a Brexit.

In this breakfast briefing we will cover:

  • Economic and commercial factors of a Brexit for the Food and Beverage sector.
  • What Brexit actually means: the potential models for the UK’s relationship with the EU if it leaves.
  • What your business needs to be considering now.

Our panel of speakers will include:

Ian Wright, Director General, The Food and Drink Federation (FDF)
Ros Kellaway, Partner, Eversheds
David Young, Head of Food and Beverage, Eversheds – Chair


12 May 2016, 08:00am  – 10:00 am


Eversheds LLP, One Wood Street, London, EC2V 7WS


08:00 – Registration and breakfast

08:30 – Panel with Q&A session

10:00 – Breakfast briefing close

Join our brexit breakfast 2

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