Your A-Z pensions law handbook

13th April 2016

Your A-Z pensions law handbook

The new 2016/17 Eversheds A-Z pensions law handbook is a now available.

The handbook is a comprehensive, plain English guide to the many terms used in the pensions industry. This latest edition is updated to 1 February 2016 (though we have taken account of later developments where possible) and it now includes a range of pensions investment terms. As a reflection of our growing focus on international pensions issues, we have also expanded the handbook to include a selection of terminology from our European colleagues in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

This handbook contains:

  • pensions abbreviations

  • A-Z of pensions terminology

  • European terminology

  • useful industry contacts

It does not address every pensions question, but if you have a specific issue, please contact one of our Pensions experts for advice tailored to your particular circumstances.


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