Coronavirus: using AI to map supply chain impact

3rd April 2020

The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak continues to gather pace. Governments around the globe anticipate the peak to
occur in the next 8-14 weeks for those countries who have yet to control the transmission. The consequences of this for your business and supply chains may be significant, and proactively identifying the impact of your contractual positions is essential to help you reduce your risk.


Over the next few weeks, we expect to see a significant change businesses’ priorities, which is likely to lead to the following scenarios

previously agreed and potentially in-flight projects or orders cancelled

>> suppliers unable to deliver goods and services in line with agreed SLAs/KPIs or contractual deadlines, whether as a result of disruption to their own business or because of disruption in their supply chains

Understanding your existing commitments is essential to responding to these scenarios

 Read the full guide the contractual provisions you should consider >

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