UK - Legislative consultations launched by the UK Government on data, intellectual property and the responsible use of AI

3rd November 2021

Intellectual property developments

In September 2021, we reported that the UK government had launched its AI strategy. Building on the launch, the government has set out an ambitious set of consultations which either focus specifically on artificial intelligence (AI) or are highly relevant to those developing, selling, licensing, procuring and/or using AI solutions in a bid to put in place a solid legislative foundation for success in AI for the UK. Some of the key consultations launched this autumn are set out below.

UK government consults on AI and intellectual property

On 29th October 2021, the UK government launched a consultation on how the copyright and patent system should deal with AI. The intellectual property (IP) position in relation to AI still needs clarity in many countries given the territorial nature of IP. The UK government had previously sought input on the interaction of AI and IP. Arising out of that consultation, it became clear that there were gaps to plug around protection of both human works in this area and works of AI itself and use of copyrighted material in AI and machine learning. 

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