Employment | UK Supreme Court decides Uber taxi-drivers are workers

22nd February 2021

Nearly six years after claims were first issued, the UK Supreme Court has decided that a group of Uber taxi-drivers are workers, not self-employed contractors, for national minimum wage, holiday pay and whistleblowing protection purposes. This is despite Uber’s contractual documentation stating otherwise.

The judgment, from the UK’s highest appeal court, serves as a warning to businesses if their casual staffing models rely on written terms categorising workers as self-employed contractors, yet they exercise a degree of control over working arrangements. Even where there is no intention to create a sham arrangement, such contractual terms may be disregarded (should disputes arise as to employment status) if they do not reflect the true nature of the relationship and they defeat the purpose of statutory worker protections.

Click here to read the full article >> http://bit.ly/3pMnSam << 

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