Article | The global HR strategist, chapter three: Speaking up - the 2021 deadline for the EU Whistleblowing Directive

5th August 2021

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of employer whistleblowing procedures, reflecting a rise in workers speaking up against corruption, unsafe practices and other misconduct. Yet some whistleblowers have encountered retaliation or have simply been ignored.

This is set to change. The implementation of the EU Whistleblowing Directive later this year marks a significant step change which will have practical workplace consequences beyond Europe. In particular, those multi-nationals applying a one-size-fits-all global whistleblowing policy will need to decide whether to apply the EU’s higher standards beyond Europe.

Following on from our previous global briefings, focusing on topical considerations for HR strategists (Chapter one: Global workforce mental health protection and Chapter two: Global diversity data), this briefing summarises key aspects of the Directive, reports on how it is being implemented locally across EU Member States and considers practical steps employers can take.

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