Bridge the gap: Actions your business can take to close the ethnicity pay gap

2nd March 2020

Population census figures show that Britain is increasingly ethnically diverse, yet labour market participation, earnings and progression vary widely between ethnic groups. As such, closing the ethnicity pay gap is not only the right thing to do but the business case for it is clear – diverse companies are more successful in terms of performance and profitability. Building a more diverse workforce will enable everyone to contribute to the UK economy and reach their potential.

Bridge the Gap – a new CBI guide in collaboration with Eversheds Sutherland – urges firms not to wait for the Government to make ethnicity pay gap reporting mandatory and provides practical guidance on how to close their gaps.

It is recommended that companies with more than 250 employees should voluntarily publish their ethnicity pay data in addition to their gender pay gap so that they have not only a better understanding of the impact that ethnicity has on the gender pay gap, but also to ameliorate any barriers to progression that ethnic minority employees and job applicants may face within an organisation.

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