Food for thought: prominence of food allergens in the consumer sector

26th February 2019

Food allergens hit the headlines towards the end of 2018. It will continue to be issue for food manufacturers and retailers to pay attention to this year.

David Young, Head of our Food and Beverage sector, discusses the issue of food allergens and the impact it may have on consumer businesses, particularly with regards to supply chains and regulatory compliance, and the increasing focus the UK government is placing on food labelling.

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Eversheds Sutherland - Food allergens video - Dec 2018
Video poster frame: Eversheds Sutherland - Food allergens video - Dec 2018

For more information and how your business may be impacted on food allergens please contact David Young.

Since 2014 we've now got a specific list of 14 prescribed allergens and if those are present in a food product, it must be labelled with those allergens which are present in bold so that it’s clear to consumers what it is they’re buying. The problem of course, comes when the food is not pre-packaged and it’s served loose or made on the premise.

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